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Hi~ Just wanted to let everybody know that I've currently got prints of my Prince Azura artwork,
available at my store here,

The payment is all through paypal if you're interested,
so it's nice and secure for everybody~

Prince Azura by IshiArt

Thank you!
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Drawings - Archive 1
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Mature Content

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Avatar Contest Entries
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Mature Content

3D art
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Music, Video, Games, Etc
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Rules & FAQ

:star: Rules Read these! We do not accept just anything!

:bulletblue: Administrators have the power to expel members.

:bulletblue: Do not argue with the admins. Their word is final.

:bulletblue: Conversation is not limited to The Elder Scrolls.

Submission Rules

:bulletblue: The submission must be related to any Elder Scrolls games or novel in some way.

Fanart of Fallout or other Bethesda games is not allowed.

:bulletblue: Please make sure your submission is going in the appropriate folder, otherwise we'll decline it and ask you to submit again.

:bulletblue: We accept
-Drawings and paintings, both digital and traditional.
-Literature (Fan Fiction and Fan Poetry)
-Photography & Cosplay

We do not accept:
-Game Screenshots (This includes pictures that use screenshots as a background, as well as screenshots of mods.)
-Effortless work

:bulletblue: Submissions must be tagged for mature content if they contain it.

:bulletblue: The submission must be your own work.
To elaborate further, anything that has something in it you did not make yourself or that you don't have permission to use, is not allowed. Stock photos are exceptions of this. This is not just a group rule, posting such works are against the deviantART Terms of Service.
Anything including original concept art by the game's creators, photos found on google, and just plain anything you do not have the rights to falls under this category. Please read more here: FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

:bulletblue: For multi-chaptered fanfictions, only submit the first chapter to avoid cluttering up the gallery.

:bulletblue:If you need to split a single chapter or a single short story into multiple parts due to deviantART's character limit, you may submit up to three parts.

:bulletblue: There is a 3-per-day Submission limit in place.

:star: How to Submit

:bulletblue:Simply go to the gallery and either click "Contribute to This Gallery" and select the proper folder or click the "+" sign next to the proper folder, and select your deviation.

:bulletblue:The Featured folder will showcase exceptional artwork that has been submitted to the group. The Contest Winners folder is reserved for deviations that have won group contests, of course. You cannot submit to either.

:star: FAQ

How do I join?
To join, TES-Fans, simply click the "Join" button at the top of the group page. All join requests are approved.

Do you make the games?
No. The Elder Scrolls are created by Bethesda Softworks.

How do I get into the Hall of Fame?
Hall of Famers have obviously done something to deserve it. It can be anything from donating a subscription to getting a screenshot of the thousandth pageview. Contest winners will automatically get into the HoF.

Can I make a post in the blog?
Certainly - any member is free to post a blog about anything pertaining to TES. Blog posts will be approved/disapproved within one week of submission. As with gallery submissions, please note an administrator or the club if you are confused as to why your post was not approved.

:star: If you have any additional questions, please let us know!










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Thanks for accepting my work!
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I really enjoy how passionate everyone is about the Elderscrolls universe here, this is a great atmosphere, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it, it's wonderful to be reaffirmed in the fact that fans are the keepers, manitainers and builders of all universes. 
MistressArachnia Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Welcome to the group!  :D
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If anyone is interested, I made a new forum for TES literature, art, and role playing! Need new members! Here's the link:
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Thank you for letting me join!)
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